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The Cuddalore Port is situated in Lat.110 43 N. Long. 79049’ East at the confluence of the rivers Gadilam and Paravanar discharging as combined river into the sea in the District of Cuddalore in Tamil nadu. The ships anchor in mid stream at a distance of about a mile from the shore and cargo is loaded and discharged through lighters.

There is a bar at the mouth of the river, which maintain a depth of 5’ to 6’ at low water. During the months of July to September the depth over the bar is reduced to about 3 to 4 feet.

Cuddalore Port     Cuddalore Port


The hinterland of Cuddalore Port consists of the districts of Cuddalore and parts of Salem and Thiruchirapalli. The area is rich in minerals, having Lignites at Neyveli about 40 Kms from the port and iron ore deposits in Salem District. There are several oil crushing mills in the vicinity of the port. Sugar factories are at Nellikuppam, Pennadam and Mundiyampakkam


All the water sea front area and 50 metres from high water mark contained between the following four points.

1 Latitude 110 44' 24' N
Longitude 790 47' 18' E
2 Latitude 110 44' 24' N
Longitude 790 50' 48' E
3 Latitude 110 38' 52' N
Longitude 790 50' 48' E
4 Latitude 110 38' 52' N
Longitude 790 45' 54' E

[G.O.Ms.No.176, Transport Department, dated 23.8.1956]


Vessels anchor within one mile at a depth of 10 to 15 metres with Cuddalore light bearing 2950 to 3150. This is the most convenient anchorage for communication with shore at all seasons of the years.


Hydrographic chart No. 3003.


No appreciable range. Generally less than one metre. The flow in the river is only due to tidal changes, which is about 2 feet and the cycle changes twice a day. The current in the river is more during heavy north-east monsoon setting from October to December.


1132.4 Mts. Of wharf length is available for berthing lighters. The depth alongside the wharves varies from 1.5 to 1.8 mts. There are railway sidings (Meter guage) at all these wharves, which are connected to the Cuddalore junction which is on the main lines of the Southern Railway, A wharf to a length of 200 mts. On the western side of Uppanar river near New Port Office is also available for shipping and landing facilities


A stacking area of 80,000 sq.mets is available.


3 R.C.C. cargo sheds each with a plinth are of 720 sq.mts. are available. 2 Transit sheds of 293 Sq.mts. Plinth areas of each are also available.


The Southern Railway Metre Gugage main line from Chennai to Rameswaram passes though Cuddalore junkction. There is also a direct metre guage Railway ink between Hospet-Bellary area via Ranigunta., Arakkonam, Chengalpattu and Villupuram. Though this line the iron ore was transported from Hospet – Bellary to Cuddalore


The Port is well served by roads. The state high wayb 45A which runs from Chennai to Tiruchirapalli passes half a mile from the Port East cost road which links Chennai; is just ½ a Kilometre away.


A dry dock measuring29 Mts. X 9.7 Mta, to take vessels weighing less than 100 Tonnes for repairing is also available.


A slipway of 25 mts x 6 mts. With a Broad guage track designed to take vessels upto 100 tonnes is available next to the Dry Dock.


A 230 VOLTS AC supply, single phase 50 cycles and a 400 volts AC supply 3 phase, 50 cycles are available for lighting and power


Landing and shipping agents are free to engage their own stevedores labour


Provisions and Stores except bonded are available in any quantity. Prior arrangements is required for bonded stores. The ships agent arranges the same.


Day : 0600 to 1800 Hrs.
Over time : Possible to work over time on Holidays
And 6.00 am to 10.00 am. On working days.
Monsoon period : North East Monsoon is active normally


Free pratique in issued in normal cases by the local Municipal Health Officer.


One diesel cutter suction dredger “Nagai” procured from M/s Poompuhar Shipping Corporation Limited, Chennai capable for dredging at the rate of 80 cu. of solids per hour at 4.5 mts. Dredging depth 4.0 mts discharge height and 360 mts. Deischarge distance is available


One number 30 Ton capacity self propelled steel water barge Vallalar is available for the supply of fresh water to ship A water sump with 75000 liter capacity has been constructed for storing water to supply ships.


There are two private owned steel dum barges with an average capacity of 310 tonnes each. These barges specially built to carry both dry and liquid cargoes


Broad vehicle weigh bridge of 20 tonnes capacity is available. Besides private weight bridge of 30 tonnes capacity which is being used for weighing propylene is available.


Post and Telegraph office exists near the Railway Station 6 K.M. from the port.



A light flashing white every 5 seconds with a duration of one seconds is exhibited from a while power on white round house at an elevation of 19 Metres. The range is 15 Nautical miles. The position of the lighthouse is 110 42` 21” N and 790 46’ 36” E. The new Light House along with 3 quarters for the staff is constructed at nose point opposite to the Port office building


Ship at anchorage can communicate with shore through the signal station using international code of signals by flag as well as Morse. Storm warning signals are exhibited at the pot. Extended system is used. A VHF set of 25 wats capacity and having Marine Channels 11, 16 is installed in the New Port office building station. The working hours of the VHF is from 0600 Hrs. to 10.00 Hrs. and from 15.00 Hrs. to 19.00 Hrs. during week days. While the ship is at anchorage the VHF station will be functioning even on holidays except Sundays.