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Thirupathiripuliyur in Cuddalore district is one of the ancient saivite shrines in Tamil nadu sanctified by the visit of two of the four chief nayanmars viz. THIRUNAVUKKARASAR and THIRUGNANASAMBANDHAR. The former part of the name of this sacred place indicates the sthalaviruksha PATHIRI TREE and the latter PULIYUR indicates the tiger legged saint who made penance in this place.

Temple Enterance     Moolavar

The Presiding Deity Lord Pataleeswarar is also known as THONDRA THUNAI NADHAR and the Goddess is named PERIYANAYAKI Amman. It is only in this part of Tamil Nadu Saint Appar moved up in the sea, inspire of his body being thrown tied to a weighty boulder, swam to KARAIYERAVITTA KUPPAM quite in proximity to this hoary shrine thereby proving to world the spiritual strength endowed to a devotee.

This shrine is a very ancient one held in high veneration by the saivites. According to the inscriptions found in the temple and rendered in modern Tamil by the Department of Archeology, the history of this temple could be traced to the periods of paranthaga Chola, First Rajarajan, First Rajendren, First Kulothungan, Vikrama Chola and also by the kings of Pallava and Pandiya dynasties who had performed renovation works from time to time in this temple and also made grants and gifts for the upkeep of this temple.

The Philonthropic ‘THEE SO” family of Pudukkotai Nagarathar, renovated this temple and perofmed KUMBHABHISHEKAM on 28-06-1917, followed by the one held on 8-2-73 undertaken, thanks to efforts of local devotees.