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IT Initiatives

IT Initiative in Government

As the e-Goverance policy is implemented by the Government, the importance of utilization of computers in various sectors in Government departments are slowly picked up with the help of NIC in this district since 1988. Many of the statistical informations, which were compiled manually, are now computerised. Now, most of the staff in different cadre working in district, taluk and block level are trained in using the computers. The computers installed at NIC Cuddalore, Taluk Offices, BDO Offices and other departments are extensively used to take care of many of their official activities like daily correspondence using office softwares. The computer culture has been well spreaded with the help of NIC in this district.

Computer Infrastructure Available at Taluk Offices

1. Grievence day Petition Monitoring System
2. Paybill computerisation for Collectorate, Taluk and BDOs Offices and other Departments like Survey, Employment, Dist.Court, Highways etc.
3. MO Printing for DRS Beneficiaries in 6 taluks
4. MIS for TINP Project
5. MIS for Health and Family Welfare
6. Land Records Computerisation for all Six Taluks
7. Certificate Monitoring System
8. Personnel Information System etc.
9. Computerization of Land Records (Tamil NILAM)
10. Touch Screen Kiosk System Installed at Cuddalore Taluk

Some of the Web based applications which are used by the following departments for online updating of their activities:-

1. Online Registration system for SSI units used by District Industries Centre.
2. Prime Minister Grama Sadak Yojana System by DRDA
3. Status of Land Records Computerisation System, KIOSK Collection by Survey Department.
4. C.L.R Program, Monthly progress report
5. Revenue Administration 6. Monitoring of CMs Top Priority Schemes like drought monitoring, etc

E-MAIL Handling

As a part of the E-governance , E-mail handling is one of the most important activity in our district. Today many of the district offices like Taluk offices , Block Development Offices etc are extensively using the E-mail facility for their day to day correspondance and for their file transmission purpose. NIC, Cuddalore has provided the E-mail connectivity and maintaining the E-mail Accounts in the NIC Mail server. Nearly 50 user accounts are created and used by the departmental users regularly.


> Many inhouse training programmes were organised to the department staff .
> Nearly 600 staff working in various offices were given training to handle the Computers installed at various locations in this district.
> Basic level courses, handling of computers, maintenance of computers etc are widely covered in the training.
> Basic and advanced Computer training given for Taluk and Survey officials
> For Collectorate and other Departments regular training conducted
> For more than 50 offices were trained in handling e-mails.
> Many number of Staff were trained on their specific software program on their application

A brief Note on IT intiatives taken by NIC Cuddalore are as follows :


a) Implementation of Paybill for all Sections in Collector Office and Other allied departments like Survey and Settlement, Revenue Court, Land Acquisition Neyveli, Welfare Departments etc.
b) Daily Price Monitoring - Data entry and Transmission over NICNET
c) Monthly Kerosine stock and disbursement details
d) Vital Statistics on Flood Damage- Data entry and Transmission
e) Scholarship Disbursement to Students of SC,ST studying Schools and colleges in this district
f) CMCELL petitions, Grievence day petitions Monitoring systems
g) District Passport Cell- daily collection data transmission
h) Reconcilation of monthly expenditure data entry and transmission
i) E-mail services to all sections in the collectorate
j) Other miscellaneous works as and when given by Collector and DRO PAG and Other district Officers etc, TNEB Money order forms printing, Number Statement reports, Daily transmission of Daily Situation report, Daily report of Report 6 and Report 7 for excise and prohibition.
k) Minor Irrigation - Census data - Data validation and correction


a) Paybill Implementation for all 13 blocks and for the office of PA(PD)
b) E-mail Services to all 13 blocks


a) Land Records Computerisation activities for all 6 taluks
b) Implementaion of Paybill
c) Monthly OLD AGE PENSION - MO and Scheduels printing for all the six taluks.
d) Ceritificate Monitoring system
e) Personnel Information system
f) Grievence Day Petitions Monitoring system
g) E-mail services- Installation and Establishment


a) Paybill Implementation
b) Technical guidance extended to carry out the Below Poverty Line survey conducted in this district.
c) E-mail Service
d) Other Miscelleneous works like Website updation of PMGSY, CMs Top Priority Schemes, Drought Monitoring System,


b) BAIL Software
d) Personnel Information System
e) Weekly Statistical reports
f) E-mail Services


a) Monthly compilation of FORM-9 Reports- PHCWISE(MPR)
b) Monthly Compilation of Statistical data of Maleria Programmes implemented in this district
c) Data transmission over NICNET
d) E-Mail Services.


a) Implementation of SSI Reg. Software
b) E-mail Service
c) Technical Support provided during ONLINE SSI commencement.


a) Monthly Rainfall data transmission
b) Compilation of Agriculture Census data- Villagewise.
c) Data transmission of data on seasonal crop Cultivation


a) Compilation of Monthly Reports on Nutrition Programmes.


a) Paybill implementation
b) Various monthly statistical reports Compilation
c) E-mail Services


1. Agents Information System
2. FUND Monitoring System
3. E-mail Service


a) Implementation of account compilation Software
b) Paybill Software
c) Technical support in establishing new Computer site and installation of new systems for Treasury and sub Treasury offices.
d) Implementation of Pensioners Information System
e) Technical help as and when needed.


a) Technical guidance in the establishment of new computer site and installation of new systems and application software
b) E-mail Service
c) Paybill software
d) Implementation of Prisoners Information Software


a) Technical support on Establishing Computer Centre and guidance on Civil and Electrical works.
b) Implementation of Paybill
c) Technical support during installation of Computers.


a) Implementation of Daily Price Monitoring System software in all the market committee in this district.
b) Establishment of E-mail service and data transmission


a) School Database software to create and update the school informations in this district. This is required at statelevel to enter the details of 7Th ALL India School Census. Periodical updation of Website to give progress of work on this. Training to collect data in various forms.


a) Tamilnadu Civil Supplies Corporation
b) Tourism Development, Chidambaram
c) THADCO, Cuddalore
d) Mines and Geology
e) Health and Family Service, Cuddalore
f) District Rehabliation Office
g) Women Development Corporation
h) District Social Welfare
i) District Backward Classes and Minorities
j) Survey and Settlement
k) District passport Cell
l) District Treasury Cuddalore.
j) National Sample Survey Office, Cuddalore
k) District Planning Cell
l) Joint Director Agriculture
m) Dept of Ex- service
n) Cooperative Department
o) Family Welfare
p) Food Corporation of India
q) RRSVRI- Vridhachalam
r) Animal Husbandary
The E-mail Service involves installation of Modem, dial up connectivity with NIC SERVER , Monitoring of E-mail traffic, training on how to send and receive E-mails to users.Also onsite trouble shooting is provided as and when reported by the user departments.


a) Regular Updation of Cuddalore WEBSITE to provide quality information to the viewers
b) Mark dissemination for students of various levels +2, Colleges, Engineering, ITI, Polytechnic, Departmental test results etc as when approached by public and other users at the rate of 5 members every day approximately.
c) Various kinds of information dissemination by accessing the INTERNET required by College Students, Research scholars and for various officials and for public.
d) Attending Meetings conducted by Collector, DRO and other district level Officers as and when needed
e) Regular interaction with all district level officers to implement the all projects smoothly.
f) Ensuring the prompt delivery of E-mails to the officers concerned.
g) Delivery Excise documents to Department of Excise and Customs transimitted over NICNET as soon as Union Budget is Submitted by the Finance Minister at the time of Budget
h) All kinds of technical guidance are provided to Govt. officers as and when required for them to procure Systems and other computer Peripherals, UPS, Consumables etc.
i) Ensuring other technical works assigned by NIC Chennai, NIC Delhi etc are done in time.
j) Various administrative works assigned by NIC State Level and NIC Delhi level.
k) Training to the staff of all the six taluks were imparted on Basic level and specifically to handle the Land record s/w and other taluk software
l) Basic level trainings like introduction of Computers etc to all users of the various application s/w implemented.
m) E-mail service training was imparted to all above said users.
n) Training programmes are organized as and when directed by Collector and Other District level Officers.